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Sports Flooring

The demands and requirements on flooring in a sports based environment means that they not only need to be hardwearing, but also provide the most comfortable experience for players using the facilities.

Gulf Sports flooring is a leader in synthetic and rubber sports surfaces for a variety of applications, whether outdoor or indoor. Our complete line of products and applications provides alternative solutions for any specific needs, from competitive sport to fitness and leisure sporting activities, in addition to special flooring like bicycle tracks, children’s play areas, walk ways, public parks and equine facilities.

Our artificial grass systems, whether for sports use like football and cricket fields, golf courses, and tennis courts or even just for landscaping use, are all high performance and more durable than other products on the market.

All of our sports floorings feature properties that are designed to enhance performance, comfort, and safety, ensuring stress reduction on joints while elevating level of play..

Alongside its flooring products GLIS offers a wide selection of court and play accessories, such as

Tennis court nets

Basketball court equipment

Multi- purpose courts sport equipment

Court lighting and court fencing

Children’s play equipment

Public gardens play and training equipment.

Sports Flooring Projects

Remraam  Housing Community

Remraam Housing Community